Seattle Dreams

Seattle Skyline 14

As seen from Alki and Beach Drive

My I love living and riding here moment came late this season… happened on Instagram with a phone photo. After an unusually amount of time spent in the rain, the sun came out and lit the Emerald City up. The same week, F-Stop Seattle released Seattle Dream Pt. II, a time lapse movie of the places we ride here like Kerry Park, Discovery Park, Downtown, and Alki Beach. I appreciate the view and time spent on a subject matter dear to my heart.

Space Needle At Night

Space Needle at night. Screengrab from Seattle Dream Pt. II

Always in the moment and publishing at the speed of social media, it’s not often I stop and look through the archives for photos like Bitch


a big ship full of logs

Big Ship

or a joust…


The city is changing too, in the twenty plus years I’ve been here. Mark V wrote about that in Issue 01, A Ride to Weezerville

So we’re sitting in a pseudo western saloon with the smell of BBQ in the air, eating seafood, surrounded by Amazon kids who don’t know a farrier from a furrier, and we’re watching out the window to see if the SLUT (the South Lake Union Transit trolley) will pass by as the music bounces directly from Motley Crue to OMD. Amazon (dot COM, bitches!) set up a company village in Seattle where warehouses and furniture stores used to be, like a college campus with scholarships for drinking. Brave Horse is at the top of some steps, stacked on another restaurant, and we wondered what went on in the building before its rebirth as a nerd frat. Before software or the Stratofortress, Seattle was a town made by swindlers, sailors, and the gold-rush, not cattle and cowpokes.

While Amazon’s company town emerges from the cranes and construction, the latest swindlers are getting theirs from the Tunnel Project. This is, after all, a world-class city without a vision that can’t remember a cast iron tube is lurking in the path of the most expensive drill in the history of the world, but can remake itself in the eyes of billionaires.

Faulted, rainy, and beautiful.

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