Seattle Cyclist Jose Hernando Dies

Jose Hernando has died from injuries sustained in an accident with a van on Lake Washington Blvd in Seattle last week. Hernando was a member of Team Cucina Fresca and raced in the master men’s division. He was 44 and leaves behind his wife, Chanel, and two children.

“Jose was on a training ride on his bike Friday early evening when he was struck by a van on Lake Washington Blvd near Seward Park. He was taken to Harborview with critical injuries and underwent many hours of surgery on his spine and other injuries very early Saturday morning.”

Hernando’s family is writing about the accident, his death, and the memorial over the weekend on the Caring Bridge website.

Biking Bis and the Rainier Valley Post have posted about the accident and death as well. Details are not clear, but the accident may have been a “left hook.”

Kevin Black was killed in an accident in Ballard with a van earlier this year.

Condolences to the family from the staff here at Bike Hugger.

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