Screw the Dopers Politics and Critics

I love the Tour and I can’t wait for it to start tomorow. I’ve followed it twice, and seen individual stages in 3 other years. I know that some people have grown a little callused, or chosen to not pay attention anymore (and “ I can’t blame them, it has been a bit of a circus). Regardless of all that I’m going to be tuning in daily (probably more than one showing) to Versus to watch the in-depth coverage.

I think people tend to take Versus coverage for granted, but I remember back to the Olympics when NBC covered the Road Race. OMG “ now that was painful. Human interest stories, cameras following only the Americans, and I think the whole race got 20 minutes TV time as it switched back to Men™s Floor Exercise gymnastics. Suck.

Check the Versus site – make sure they know that the interest is still there and support their sponsors. If you really want to help keep the tour on TV – go buy a SAAB or something.

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