Scicon Aeroscopes Tailored Fit

Scicon Aeroscopes Tailored Fit

Scicon Aeroscopes Tailored Fit launched earlier this year. I won’t let the summer end before sharing my impressions. Especially after an exciting Tour this year and we can expect more from the Giro. While I’m not racing, I do still enjoy a good climb or sprint finish. I also enjoyed the innovative approach to fit Scicon developed.

Stylish and adjustable.
Stylish and adjustable.

The temple arms adjust horizontally. The nosepiece vertically. Each are adjustable by 5mm. The nose pads and temples tips are also adjustable. For the long climbs in hot weather, a funnel is cut into the lens to allow airflow preventing fogging. Designed specifically for cycling, the frames’ pantoscopic tilt of 12 degrees is twice that of standard eyewear. This angle is intended to pair with an aero helmet.

Adjustable temple arms.
Adjustable temple arms.

Scicon developed much tech for the Aeroscopes and what I can share is once setup, they feel like nothing on your face. Like Vinco, Scicon is manufacturing their frames with eco-friendly materials.

While not their intended usage, I’m most enthusiastic about using the multi-fit adjustments when fat biking this winter. Depending on the conditions, I may have a cap on (or two), a dicky, balaclava, and need to adjust the fore and aft plus the nose. I’ll put a piece of gaffers tape on the lens funnel.

The Aeroscopes lens, SCN-PPTM UV400, blocks all light up to 400 NM, including UVA and UVB rays. It is hydrophobic and oleophobic. I’ll see how it does in sub freezing temps.

Get your pair from Amazon for $230.

Scicon Aeroscopes Tailored Fit

  • Entirely Made in Italy
  • Scala – Extendable, retractable, and bendable temples
  • VenteX Central Ventilation
  • Horizon Adapt System
  • 12° Panto Tilt Angle – Cycling Specific
  • SCN-PP Lens Technology
  • UV400 Lens Protection
  • FlexiFit 2.0TM Nose pad
  • Flexifit Temple Tips
  • Tailored fit (Hight, Length & Comfort)
  • Bio-Based Frame from bio-based polyamides Interchangeable lens system
  • Weight: 35 grams

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