Saving Lucy: A Girl, a Bike, a Street Dog

Saving Lucy: A Girl, a Bike, a Street Dog is a book about Ishbel Rose Holmes, a former track cyclist with the Iranian National Women’s Team.

Ishbel takes to the road, seeking adventure and hoping to escape the ghosts of a troubled past. Pedaling solo across Turkey, she meets an injured street that changes her life forever.

Saving Lucy: A Girl, a Bike, a Street Dog is her debut book after cycling solo across 20 countries. Here’s the description from Amazon

Ishbel Rose Holmes was adrift and alone when she set out to bicycle across the world. She was pedalling across Turkey when a street dog, Lucy, crossed her path and changed her life forever.

Ishbel did not want anything or anyone to slow her down, but when she witnessed Lucy attacked by other dogs, Ishbel rescued her—forming a deep bond between the pair. Ishbel recognized her own vulnerability in her new canine friend and launched a heartfelt mission to find Lucy a home and give her a happy life.

Their adventures took them over 1,000 miles to the Syrian border and into the hearts of everyone who met them. People around the world who followed the story on Ishbel’s blog, World Bike Girl, watched as Lucy’s unconditional love broke down the wall around Ishbel’s heart. Saving Lucy is the true and inspiring story of two creatures in need of healing and rescue—who find home in each other.

It’s not said enough how cyclists try to ride out of their depression. To write a book after such a horned is an achievement indeed and Ishbel’s story is on my reading lists for the rainy season this winter.

Ishbel’s story also reminded about Louise the Homie Dog in Thailand story posted to Medium in 2015. It was shared by my daughter, Angela, who was on a study tour in Thailand, after her first year of college.

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