Saving Bruce Gordon Cycles

After reading that Bruce Gordon was done being Bruce Gordon the bike builder and shutting down his frame shop, a GoFundMe project has been started to purchase it. And, they put together this short edit.

We are raising money to buy Bruce Gordon Cycles and the Bruce Gordon Bicycle Collection. We plan to open the Bruce Gordon Museum and Bicycle School in the current BG Cycles location and offer educational and cultural programming to the population of Petaluma, and the Greater Bay Area. All proceeds go directly to Bruce.

It’s a big ask, at $250K, but many don’t want to see Bruce’s old frame shop just shut down. $380.00 has been raised so far. Like any builder I’ve met, Bruce had his opinions and built what he thought was best. This review from 2003 by Crazy Guy on a Bike says as much.

Via Crazy Guy on a Bike

Our take on Bruce is to think of him like Frank Lloyd Wright; not saying he’s as influential in his field, but more along the lines that he was very opinionated how he saw a custom bike was made as a whole piece for a rider…as in, he saw it his way and that was final.

The tooling, machinery, and bikes we hope gets passed onto the next generation of builders and wish the project to save Bruce Gordon Cycles is a success.

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