Save South Seatac – Tonight!

Byron wanted to get the word out about trying to save the South Seatac venue from future development. It’s one of the last close-by mtn bike/cyclocross trails that we have for racing purposes. The short story is show up tonight ~6pm and show your support – and be nice! More detail and the letter from Lisa Miller after the jump.

Reposting the note from Lisa Miller:

Hi Gang, I just wanted to take a moment to explain in further detail what will be happening tonight at South Seatac.

As you know, the trails at South Seatac are in threat by future development. The SCORE Jail facility will be most likely starting earthwork this August. It’s pretty much a done deal. I have met with SCORE people, they are sympathetic to our cause, and have demonstrated a desire to work with us as best as they can – GOOD NEWS!

However, the Jail facility will be occupying only a small portion of the park and more of the park is at risk of future development. There are many land owners and many govermental bodies. The ultimate goal – TO GET THE REMAINDER OF THE PARK FORMALLY DESIGNATED AS PARK and keep our trails open.

TONIGHT: What we want to accomplish tonight is easy. We just want to have as many cyclists present as possible to show how many users would be displaced should the trails close. City officials will be present and we just want them to personally witness our passion for South Seatac and dispell any myths about the users of the park. The officials will not be addressing the group, hopefully they will be out riding their bikes, which we have encouraged them to do. WE MUST BE AS POSITIVE AS POSSIBLE. We are a passionate, caring, and professional group and our actions should indicate so. There is a time and a place to present concerns and complaints, but not tonight.

Ride you’re cross or mountain bike. Racing starts at 6pm & 7pm –

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding,


Lisa Miller Seattle Cyclocross Series

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