Sanitov Studio Cargo Concept

Sanitov Studio wrote recently to introduce their Cargo Concept, a Chinese trike updated with a Danish approach.They took a bike like this

Cargo BIke

and modernized it with GPS, electric motor, and upgraded materials.

Interesting and I asked Henry from Work Cycles, our Go to Cargo Guy about it

Hard to say much based on a few minimally detailed CAD renderings.

It’s incredible how many people think there’s a big market for cargo bikes/trikes. A new contender shows up every couple weeks to grab a nice chunk of the 10k or sold per year in the western world.

I agree with Henry and would love to see Sanitov roll this bike out worldwide, but straight up the cargo market just isn’t that big, despite our enthusiam for it. A company will really have to move the needle, in terms of demand, to make a market for themselves.

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