Saint Lance of Austin, patron saint of …

Lance announced he’s retiring again in an AP article and video conference. Our colleague Sal Rubial posted this photo to Facebook. It’s from a USA Today cover story he wrote in 2001.

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The Greenes are cancer survivors and members of the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s fundraising Peloton Project. They were among 202 members who earned a short visit with Armstrong by raising more than $5,000 in the past year. The meeting was billed as an autograph session, a chance to get a signature on a yellow Tour de France replica jersey. But for the participants, it was almost a spiritual encounter.

Photo: USA Today Cover via Sal Ruibal.

Those were the days. As I wrote in Choosing Sides

The cycling community has, I think, chosen sides. You probably have. I don’t know if he’s done dope, but do know it’s the topic we’re discussing in the bike shop, on rides, and online.

Now we’ll get into legacy discussions, the wins, and possibly a prosecution. As cyclists, we must realize millions more people thank Lance for what he’s done off the bike then on. For them Livestrong is spiritual and full of hope. He’s a saint.

What do you think of his retirement and legacy?

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