Sagan Disqualified for Elbowing

I put the BBQ on simmer to comment on Sagan’s DQ…from what I’ve heard, the race commissaire is well respected and that said, it’s a shocking decision to not find a penalty or relegation. Sagan threw the elbow, but it looks like to defend his line from a suicide move by Cavendish. And, way too much elbow.

Relegate, fine, penalty – yes. Ejection? There are precedents (Renshaw), but this is analogous to Michael Jordan and traveling in the NBA finals—doesn’t happen to a world champion.

There must be other stuff off camera that led to the decision and to make such a strong statement. If the cameras cut away to any of Sagan’s sponsors, imagine WTF reactions as well. His DQ isn’t helping anyone sell the sport, bikes, or gear.

Now, back to the holiday.

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