Russie Says Goodbye to Seattle with a Win

Silver Lake: Russie Wins and Leaves Seattle Behind

‘Racers cracked on this hill

This photo sequence starts with challengers right on Russell Stevenson’s wheel, nearly touching it, then watch the gap open, their grimaces grow, and he never looks back. Russie is a Local Pro.

Silver Lake: Russie Wins 1

Watch the gap grow

As he rides out of focus, check the gap, and the Suffer Faces behind him. It’s a wheel and a half now.

Silver Lake: Russie Wins and Moves Away

Now it’s a bike length and he’s gone

Now further out of focus, the gap is a bike length and that grew to nearly a minute at the finish. Today Russie is flying to CO for a new job, more races, and I expect wins like this.

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