Roundtail Debuts in San Diego

While we’re in Portland for the Bike Show, the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show opens today and this “roundtail” is being unveiled. Resembling a torch sparker, this bike is destined for nicknames like, “cheerio!”

As the press release says,

One day, he (the inventor) had an epiphany. What if “straight to your bum” seat stays were replaced with shock-absorbing rings?

and what if it dramatically increased comfort, while retaining the lateral stiffness and pedaling efficiency of traditional diamond frame bicycles? That’s right, what if? Don’t know either.

Roundtail with Boras

Hope the inventor rolls up on this next to a Venge with a snappy line about dramatic reinvention.

Roundtail Schematic

Read more at Roundtail’s site and we’re checking with Chunkyflyrite for more details and a ride.

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