Ronde Ohop 12

Mur de Mashel too

Mur De Mashel in 11

Granted David Longdon permission to use the Ronde Ohop photos I took last year on one condition. He had to include this smack talk:

Byron regrets to inform other Ohop racers that he will not be on hand to dominate this year the way he did last year.

and he did! It’s at the bottom of his post

Instead of throwing down that afternoon, I’m attending a wedding. Here’s my post on racing a kermesee in Eatonville near Mt. Rainer from last year.

“I blew” doesn’t indicate enough how explosive the moment was. Imagine Lou Dobbs ranting about illegal immigrants, with a bright-red face that builds up pressure until a whistle goes off on a teapot. It was like that with most of the pack zooming past me as I went backwards.

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