Rolling Review: Lazer B.O.B Children’s Helmet

Kids helmets have come a long way from the days of the “bowling ball” style helmets from my childhood. Those helmets, that look like a giant piece of bubblegum has landed on a kid’s head (or that your child is actually The Great Gazoo from the Flintstones”). As with adult helmets, helmets designed for kids have modern helmet-retention systems and safety features designed to protect all sides of the head from impact.

That’s dandy, but if you’re pulling a kid in a trailer, newfangled helmets have a pointed rear section (as do adult helmets) that bang into the rear strapping of the seat. That, int turn, pushes the helmet down over the eyes and results in quite a bit of screaming from the trailer.

A Bike Hugger reader suggested I add some padding (which I did, thanks!) to the seat to move the head away from the rear strapping, but I’ve also found a great kid’s helmet, the Lazer B.O.B, which is designed with a flat rear section to accommodate the design of a trailer.

In this rolling review my passenger Henry and I discuss the helmet and show it off in use.

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