Rohloff Dropbar Shifter

RS_outdoor_3.JPG Several people had asked me if I meant a Hubbub adapter when I said that I’d seen a dropbar shifter for a Rohloff internally-geared hub. But what I saw was this item from Mittelmeyer, a German company. I’ve seen two examples in person, but I have to say that I didn’t care for them myself. The shift effort was high and the knurled aluminium grip is really aggressive, but they were brand-new when I touched them. Maybe they’d break in somewhat. Also, I didn’t install them, so I can’t say if I might have been able to set them up in a manner more satisfactory. Anyone else tried these?

Note in the picture that they set the bike up with foam sleeve grips (similar to Grab-On), which masks the bulk of the shifter. The Mittelmeyer shifter is kinda klunky, but all the same it does shift.

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