ROAD Magazine Online

road mag.JPG

I’m a big fan of ROAD Magazine. Their articles are more US-focused in a sport where all the other good rags are UK based. They get interviews with guys I want to read about – it’s not like Bicycling where there’s Lance…and then everybody else. They have one of the most prolific bike-related twitter’ers in Neil Browne who is always good for the latest insight. Road Magazine has an awesome new concept – the whole magazine online. I was looking through the most recent copy and check it out: Bikehugger Green at the USA Crit finals!

Great magazine, new distribution model, and apparently it even looks good on an iPhone for all you Apple fan-boy’s.

road mag_hugger.JPG

Hugger Green? Pretty sure – that’s the tail end of the field…which is where I spent my 30 minutes in that race. Yikes!

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