Riding to Fabulous Downtown Vegas

Flat bar

Flatbar POV

Jason Harris from Nokia joined us for the Mobile Social CES and took these photos. When asked about his experience riding with us, he said

As I planned CES 2014 activities for Nokia, the idea of a bike ride sounded like a nice escape from the madness of casinos and regular Vegas activities. As we cruised the Strip on amazing Tern Bicycles, I felt my stress and anxiety about the week melt away. It was so amazing to get fresh air and see a side of Vegas you can’t see on foot or from a car.

The ride flowed perfectly – it was long enough to provide an escape yet short enough that our more novice riders felt right at home. Also, local Vegas cyclists join us to help shepherd our little flock and give insight into Vegas landmarks and cycling culture.

Mobile Social CES 2014 was perfect and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. The stop/turn-around point featuring tacos and beers outdoors provided solace for our the Nokia influencers I brought to Vegas.

Fabulous Downtown Vegas

Fabulous Downtown Vegas

We expect to ride with Jason and Nokia again soon, taking photos in Austin for our annual Mobile Social SXSW.

Everybody had fun

Everybody had fun

More photos, taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 and 1520s mounted on a bike are on G+. Video too.

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