Riding by Ground Zero

Sal Ruibal and Steve Gluckman were on the 5 Boros Bike Ride. The ride passed Ground Zero on Sunday. Sal posted this to Facebook with a photo

Was in NYC yesterday for the 5 Boros Bike Ride. My hotel was a block from Ground Zero. Still under construction. Still sad 10 years later. Flew back to DC and passed the Pentagon on my way home. Glad they got OBL, but we’ll never get those lives back.

Sal continued

I went over there Saturday night and sat on a bench overlooking the abyss, now filled with construction gear and the fresh steel skeletons of the new buildings. The old building across from my 21st floor hotel room was scarred, with lots of stone gargoyles and owls charred and missing heads or wings. Made me very sad, too. Those owls helped me fly across the Narrows Bridge in Sunday’s ride.

and Steve statused

When I pedaled past Ground Zero yesterday afternoon I had know idea of how significant the day would become.

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