Ridiculous Trainer Bike

Last weekend I brought home a discarded rear wheel from work. Once I got home I started pulling stuff out of boxes and bins in my living room. Before I went to sleep, a 7th bike had materialized…just because I wanted a bike I could just leave set-up for and on the trainer. That, and I don’t think I could get enough money off of eBay for my Bianchi S-9 Matta ti frame to be satisfied. It was pricey, and they don’t make them anymore. So I grabbed some old Suntour Superbe, 9sp Dura Ace, a spendy 3T aero bar, and some aged Modolo brake calipers (look cool, brake like crap). A fully functional bike out of stuff in my living room….this is probably an indication that I have too much bike crap.bianchi trainer bike.jpg

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