RideCivil: Change Your Luck ride Friday 5/13

screwed Reminder: This Friday is our monthly RideCivil event. We’ll gather between 5:30 and 6:15 at Westlake Center park, then have a socially paced, unscripted group ride through down town with a focus on fun, safety and civility between all road users. My daughter likes to call it the Smile and Wave ride, and that’s not far off – maybe we can spread a little hugga love through the streets of our fair city, even on Friday the 13th.

This is our ‘change your luck’ ride, and by change we mean change for the better. If the weather’s any indicator things should be looking up for those of us in grey and rainy Seattle. As for me, I could use a bit more good luck. On Tuesday’s ride home I got screwed. Bolted, technically, but it all adds up the same. How’s your cycling luck been recently? What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve extracted from your tires?

You know, I’ve been very, very lucky in the flat department. Partly because of the good tires I run, partly because of the big rubber I run (35mm!), and partly because I’m just damned lucky. The 20 inch Schwalbe Marathon Slicks (now the Marathon Plus I believe) have served me well for several thousand miles – not one flat. Good news since they were a royal pain to install. Some smart soul pointed out that these tires will wear out faster since they have more revolutions per mile than a larger one, but they’ve definitely stood the test of time. Until Tuesday. I’m not sure which of the many cycling gods I pissed off, but somebody arranged to place a 1 inch metal roofing bolt in my path. Kevlar belted or no, you’re going to loose a little air after taking one of these. Even screwed like this my little tire managed to hang on to most of it’s air for a few more minutes.

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