Ride the Strip, Really?

We get asked this every year: do you really ride the strip? Why yes we do. With cyclists like this


and she’s not going to allow a crazy cabbie to bust up into our lane. She looks at them like that while riding her Globe and makes sure the rest of you don’t get into trouble either.

We hope you join us. Wondering about the Mobile Socials? We’ve got a FAQ on that and also about getting bikes to ride.

Along with Mallory above, Kickstand Magazine is hosting the ride this year and making sure we get to and fro.


Mobile Social Interbike


  • Event: Interbike 2010
  • When: September 23, 2010
  • Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Who: Attendees, Industry, Bike Huggers
  • What time: 6:30
  • Directions: Assemble outside the Sands Convention Center – the Bike Valet entrance. Await instructions.

The MoSo takes place after the Ready to Ride Fashion Show and Ignite Bikes.

Post MoSo?

After the MoSo, lots of choices and we’ll ride to one of them. We know about Gold Sprints, Here Comes the Corn, Kickstand After Hours, and I’m sure more.

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