Ride and Record with Project Glass

How It Feels through Project Glass on a bike at 1:05. If I hadn’t ridden with Smith Recons recently, probably wouldn’t see so much Glass potential to disrupt how we interact with computers. HUPs connected to your smartphones will show you at a glance metrics, a bike dash cam, and another level of silver boxes on your head that record your awesome ride or race. Alternatively, you could roam the earth wearing a pair until you record the next meteor strike with your life dashcam.


Micro optic display for goggles, eyewear next

Smith wouldn’t confirm or deny that they’re working on miniaturizing the MOD further with Recon to fit an eyeshade, but I expect they are. If they aren’t, someone else is.

My take on Glass is the photomapping I do, where I attached geocoded photos to a Google Map of my rides. It’s a manual process, quite a bit of work, and requires one hand off the bar to get the shots. Doing it distraction free, with more focus on the road in front of me? For a bike blogger like me, HUDs are a killer app.

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