Redline to the Rescue with a Conquest Pro Disc

On a barrier Conquest

Barrier Conquest

With the Crux on a recall, stop-use immediately lockdown, it was Redline Bicycles to the rescue with a Conquest Pro Disc for the last race of the Seattle CX Season. The Pro is a favorite CX bike of mine and when Mark V saw me with it he said

The Redline Conquest is like that one knife in your kitchen that you end up using the most, because it’s just so well balanced. It seems like it’s a simple design because it doesn’t have any flashy gimmicks, but a lot of thought went into making it such a clean design.

Absolutely and with an MSRP of $2799 it’s a great value too. The roulette wheel of a CX race threw me a zero with a mechanical on lap one. Stopping in brambles on the edge of mud pit, I pulled grass and a vine out of the derailer, and limped into the pit. There I took a deep breath, banged more mud off the bike, and got into a rhythm back on the course. I didn’t shift much after that, worried the derailer would tear off

So happy that I was on a Redline, Mark V’s praise continued to cheers from the beer garden like, “go you mutha ucka Hugga ucka, GOOOOO!”

And I did until the finish. Before the race, Tim Rutledge made sure the Conquest was dialed, setting the fit up for me as he’s done for more than a decade. The predictable handling of the bike, performed just like it did at Worlds, flawlessly. Mark placed 9th on his 2012 Conquest that he named, Ming Tran.

You can find Redlines at a LBS near you and ask for a year end deal. In Seattle, that’s Elliott Bay Bicycles downtown. You probably don’t need one in a hurry like I did, but if you want a reliable bike that won’t let you down, Redline is always a go-to bike brand.

Photo: DBC Photography who always takes the most flattering photos and is shooting in Belgium next with the EuroCrossCamp.

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