Recon Jet Video

Predicted, expected, and here’s the HUD for cyclists from Recon Instruments.

Recon Jet, Pilot Edition, will ship with applications designed for cyclists and triathletes. This limited edition model is for first movers and will ship several months prior to full production. Through wireless connectivity to third party devices (via ANT+ and Bluetooth), the athlete will have access to critical information including heart rate, cadence and power output. Its comprehensive suite of on-board sensors also delivers a full portfolio of precision performance stats and data such as speed, pace, distance, time, vertical ascent and more.

Earlier this year, when I snow biked with Smith Recons, I knew HUDs for cyclists were coming; changeout the UI elements to bikes instead of board sports and done. Add ANT+ and even better. Spurned on by Google Glass, Recon has released the Pilot Edition with an SDK for developers. Already thinking of how to connect this to a power unit? Yep, that too or say a map overlay of the TT course with instructions on what power is expected…

During Google I/O Wired tried a pair of the Jets and so did Tim Bray. In July, I’ll travel to Recon’s offices in Vancouver, BC to check out the Jets.

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