Rando Blowing Up Like a MuthaFuk

35 lbs dry

As it was said to me, upon seeing this bike…

The rando/wanna-be rando scene is blowing the f up yo. Every other bike has a front rack and a bag. Word.

Spec’d with Campy 10sp shifters, sram drivetrain. SON hub with Schmidt Edelux light front, color matched King r45 disc rear. Wheels built by Ben @ Back Alley Bike Repair. Grand Bois Hetre tires. Haulin Colin porteur rack with basket from Goodwill. Selle Anatomica X saddle. Tangle frame bag by Revelate Designs.

Curb weight with fenders is ~35lb.

This is Josh’s Rawland dSogn and he works with me on Clip-n-Seals and our Internet Famous Tool Roll.

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