Raleigh Rush Hour Flat Bar

Last week, Raleigh got us a Rush Hour Flat Bar for the talk about design and fixies. The bike looked like rolling art in the Design Commission gallery.

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I rode it yesterday for a quick spin around the neighborhood

Raleigh Rush Hour Flat Bar: single, fixed

and timing wise, just as I was about to write a review, Urban Velo published there intial test. From the parts mix, to the paint, price, and color-matched components, we are in agreement on the bike.

I disagree with Urban Velo’s “queues from the handbuilt show” take because builders in that show, as well as builders in Portland, make the old like everyone else in this industry. The who influences who debate aside, we saw this bike and more steel initially last summer when Raleigh visited us en route to a Momentum Magazine photoshoot.

We’ll compare notes again with Urban Velo once their long term review is complete and we’ve ridden it into town a few more times.

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