Quad-Lock iPhone Bike Mount Review

Industrial design on the Quad-Lock iPhone mount is good; a cleat with a shoe is smart and so is the rubber band attachment method. The fit, finish, and packaging are also well done. Only issue is no waterproofing or protection. I suggest the designers skip the wall and desk mount accessories in another rev for the bike to focus on weatherproofing and protecting your phone.

quad-lock 1

Your phone within touching distance

As another successful Kickstarter project, it’s great to see the Quad-Lock come to market and into a reviewer’s hands; it’s unsettling to use though, cause your smartphone is exposed to the elements.

Quad-Lock 2

A steady mount

The mount, like the one Garmin users place on their stem, stayed in place when I bounced over a set of railroad tracks at 24 mph. However, knowing that the headphone port is pointed forward on the bike without a guard, I imagined particles flying into the iPhone, contaminating the electronic bits.


Like a Garmin Stem Mount

Worried, I removed the Quad-Lock from the stem and put it in my pocket for the rest of the ride. Suggest you wait for the next rev and not worry about damaging your phone or only use it for short distances. You could also plug the port with electrical tape.

Push to Release and Rotate

The Quad-Lock is available directly from the designers and I tested the deluxe kit at $69.95 USD.

Note: the Quad-Lock system is designed to put your iPhone everywhere and it does that. It just needs more work for use on the bike.

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