Proviz Electroluminiscent Jacket

A few years ago, we saw new light technologies at CES and just now LEDS and electroluminescent strips are making it into the cycling market. Proviz sent us their jacket and with a couple clicks we were in rave mode

A binkie and glow sticks aside, that’s one high-viz jacket. The Proviz is a fluorescent-yellow, rain jacket with battery-powered, electroluminescent strips on the side and reflective strips on the sleeves. MSRSP is $75.00 USD.

Predawn with ambient neighborhood light

I shot these photos at pre-dawn. Under a street light, which is typical Winter commuter conditions, and in front of car light.

Under a street light

As with any plastic jacket, you’re going to have to find the right combination of clothes underneath it to not sweat out on your commuter; especially when you set a personal best every ride. I’d also tape up the light controller to prevent water from fouling the electronics.

In front of a car light

For the gear heads, the jacket has more of a construction-zone make to it than what you’d expect from a high-end, eVent or Gore jacket. It’s also $75.00 US. Now when they figure out how to embed electroluminescent strips into eVent jackets, they’ll attract even more interest from those that want the function, style, and safety.

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