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I think most cyclists were confused by the media reaction to Lebron James commuting to work on a bike. As Lebron said himself, what was the big deal?


King James commutes by bike

Photo: @jackNruth

It wasn’t any deal and especially to those of us who ride in a city with pro ball. Local builders in Seattle, like Davidson and Erickson, have built custom bikes for big and tall customers. @Dschrempf used to raced with us. I mentioned that on Facebook and friends responded with their Detlef stories.

While the media continues to marvel at Lebron James commuting to work on a bike and wondering if/how that affects his game, I remembered how many times I’ve been in a bike race with @Dschrempf. A few and this one time, we locked bars at Ballard going into turn one.

Detlef’s bars were enormously wide, like scaffolding that held him upright. As we turned, I rode under and up into them. When I steadied myself against Detlef, my helmet was in his ribs.

Brian Snyder wrote

Drafted behind him for almost 75 miles in Bellingham. What a motor.

And Matthew Hill added

I will never forget Det’s big crash at the Redmond Derby. He caught big air… HUGE air. When he launched, a gigantic shadow eclipsed the sun as he flew off the bike. It was like an airplane was attempting to land in the field, the sun was totally eclipsed. As he flew through the air, arms outstretched, you could feel the “holy sh**!” wave pass through the peloton… a 7 foot tall man hurled into the air like a giant, airborne starfish, followed immediately by the largest race bike the world has ever seen. It cut a wake of chaos unlike any I have ever seen…


Brian shared photos from his days with Det on the Byrne Invent team.

Det rolling

Photo: b.p.s

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