Print Your Own Bike Parts

Cubify, a 3D printer maker, starting take pre-orders and I got to thinking about cyclists printing their own bike parts. No, I don’t mean critical parts like a drivetrain, brakes or shifters. Though complete bikes have been printed, I mean bottle cages, cases for your phone, or just accessories like a license plate.

cubify parts

Doll parts or bike parts

What do you think? Cyclists have always been industrious and mechanical with shims, fixes and workarounds. Lemond’s example is a good one. He shimmed his aero bar with a coke can – you could print an ABS plastic shim for your bars. Ever notice how bells never come with the right mount for your 31.8 bar? You could print the mount yourself.

Most famous shim in bike racing

On Thingverse, I found a bike fender part and on Shapeways a pedal.

fender part

Fender part broke, make your own


Need a new pedal?

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I expect a student in an industrial design class is working on a printable bike now or at least the parts.

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