PressCamp 14: Summer Snow Storm


Getting the shot in Park City during PressCamp

Getting the shot with @jakobschiller and @tinyblackbox in the PressCamp Summer Snowstorm…what usually happens at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City Utah is journalists meet with product and brand managers in the morning and then ride in the afternoon. Yesterday after a rainy day turned to sleet, some hail, and then snow, I rode two laps around the lake on a Felt with Zipps and SRAM RED before the brake pads froze. When soft rubber pads freeze hard like a hockey puck, they don’t grab the brake surface with enough force to adequately stop, as I learned. Also, when the hard rime built up on the seat post and aero bars, the sound changed from whoosh to a soft whistle.

Aero and frozen

The Sugoi jacket I wore worked great! Being from Seattle, I was prepared with wool, ‘cept for knickers or knee warmers, so my knees were bright red when I dismounted and Jakob and Jim were there with cameras. Not sure if we’ll ride today, but the bike I want to ride the most is the GT Grade. They’ll have to replace the slicks with file treads though, cause it’s gonna be greasy out there.

Hard Rime Post

Made a whistle sound

I’m posting photos on Twitter and Instagram as I meet with the brands today and collecting them in a G+ gallery.

Looking to the sky from the condo windows too and hoping the sun comes out.

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