Pregnant Stun Gunner Attacks Messenger

Quite the headline and story from the SPD Blotter yesterday. Of course we hope the messenger is ok, the attackers (it was a 2 stun gun situation) get prosecuted, and road rage isn’t tolerating in our city. There’s also a movie script in that scene, a follow-up to Premium Rush…

Joseph Gordon Levitt is back as a messenger. Anne Hathaway as very pregnant holster bra wearer. Nic Cage as the down-on-his-luck driver with a itchy honk hand and bad aim. It has Academy of Golden Spirit Globes written all over it. Most compelling line “don’t kick my sedan, you asshole messenger. It’s a lease!”

Followed by brakes are death and don’t taze me preggo!

Jokes aside, the messenger wasn’t hurt and follow Seabikeblog for updates on the story.

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