Powershift 2-Speed Hub

Powershift 2-Speed Hub

Occasionally, PR comes across my desk that is, well, interesting. To say the least. The Powershift system is a 2-speed hub that replaces a front derailleur. And, promises more range than a 1x system. As GCN reports, you get 24 gears, with small steps, and a 451% gear range.

Powershift integrates the technology into their own carbon wheelsets. Those are built up with a smart thru axle, hub shell, and cassette. You still shift up and down the cassette with a front lever. What Powershift does is adds a plenary gear to the rear hub that offers a 1:1 ratio and 0.7. The ratios are equivalent to 53/36, 50/34 or 48/33 chainrings. Put simply, it’s a 1×22 system and without extreme chain lines.

Grand Fondo magazine also tested the Powershift 2-Speed Hub and had this to say

The Classified hub blew us away during our time with it and it continues to do so. It has the potential to render the front derailleur useless on high-performance bikes. Shifting up and down is almost instantaneous and faster than with a front derailleur, it performs perfectly even while under strain and is significantly quieter than a front derailleur.

Classified wheelsets start at €2,399.00. You’ll need a compatible system like Shimano GRX with one chain ring up front.

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