Post Launch Update

podcast_hugga.jpg Nearing a week after launching Hugga 2.0, we’ve worked out most of the bugs and issues.

Yesterday we got the Huggacasts back working, 404s resolved, and will keep making the site even huggier.

Readers are reporting some issues when logging in to comment and creating accounts. We’re checking those and note that there are like 17 ways to get into the site. If one doesn’t work, we’ve got another and Typepad authentication seems the most reliable. If you’re having issues, please contact us.

There are some transitory issues and periodic strangeness you may have seen. We don’t know either, that’s just how it goes on the Interwebs.

I’ll talk more about Hugga 2.0 during the Try Making Yourself More Interesting panel at SXSW and our Mobile Social.


The site launched with the work and help of

Thank you readers for your comments and for reading our blog.

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