Photojojo iPhone Lens Kit

Photojojo iPhone Lens Kit

When traveling, I’ve been shooting primarily with my iPhone, a Photojojo lens kit, and editing with the iPad. Did that at SXSW, will do so this weekend, and later this year on more trips with the bike. I get asked the most about the iPhone lens kit I carry and even after testing the Olympus, still prefer the iPhone. It’s with me, has a great sensor, GPS coordinates, and it’s like little blogging super computer with all the social apps.



Whether I’m sending a vignetted photo to Instagram, something odd to G+, or spotting a bike with the iPhone, I’ve got more choices with this small handful of lenses. The kit includes Fisheye, Telephoto, and Macro/Wide Angle Cell Phone Lenses for $49.00 for all three lenses or $20.00 for each.


Curious shadows

Magnets, How Those Work?

It’s easy! You attach a magnetic ring with sticky-back tape to your iPhone then attach the lenses, which have magnets on them too. Read more about the iPhone lens kit on Photojojo’s site.


Ferry at Red Robin on the Waterfront

iPhone Photos

Check these recent photos I’m took with the iPhone4s on Flickr and G, like


Stack of dimes

Of course, I’m using the DSLR for the High-res shots. By the numbers, of the 10K photos I shot (and kept) last year, 3K shots where taken with the iPhone. The number increased with the 4s because it takes photos like this, on the go.

Other Phones

The lens kits works with any phone that has a camera, but I haven’t tested those. At least 3 people that have seen the kit have bought their own. I drop mine in a little pouch and hang it off my bag strap. Get the occasional shot like this too.

slug bug

Slug Bug

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