Performance Neo Booties

Cold feet suck. For me, it’s feet and hands that make the difference between a good and bad wet ride. Living in Seattle, wet is a pretty safe bet so usually it’s just a matter of gear selection. Since I’ve been doing this for 15+ years you’d think I’d get it right automatically by now, but even just last week I left home on a seemingly dry cold morning with toe covers and a lycra over-shoe. Bad call.

All it took was a little light mist as we dropped into the Snohomish Valley and it was 2 hours of lack of feeling. I’m not even sure why I chose my lighter shoe setup, but I should have gone with my faithful (and still cheapest/best value) Performance Neoprene booties. They always seem to be on sale for ~$30 and they are just solid. Thick neoprene, simple graphics, and durable closures. Maybe I would be best to put the lighter setup in a box marked “Do not open until March” and go with what I know will get me through the winter.

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