Pedaling: a New Web Series

A new culinary cycling adventure series launches January 5th and features NYC in the first installment on

Whether it be a small village bakery, a fine restaurant, or simply a picnic at the right stopping point, food and drink have always played an integral role in cycling–not only because they fuel the work, but in many cases the culinary experience provides cyclists with some of their fondest and most enduring memories.

The web episodes also contain cycling tips, bike fitting, and more bike culture as the hosts ride through NYC’s culinary nook and crannies.


We’d like to meet the producers Iri Greco and Jim Fryer and give them due props for putting this together. This project was obviously a massive amount of work.

Maybe they can bring to Mellow Johnnys during SXSW and our Mobile Social? Lots of good eating and pedaling in Austin, Texas.

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