Party for Val Update

The Party for Val has been opened up to everyone and is on tomorrow night. We’ll be there with some gear for the raffle and toasting Val.

At first we wanted to have an insiders-only Seattle Bicycle Industry Party. However, Val’s battle with cancer is overshadowing that event. Lots of people want to come show him their love and support. So we decided to cancel the original event and just have a party for Val. Anyone that knows, loves or appreciates Val Kleitz is invited!

Host: Aaron’s Bicycle Repair
Location: Pike Brewing Company
When: Tuesday, November 17, 8:00 PM
Raffle details.

Val's Dreadnought

Val’s Dreadnought

Val was riding cargo before cargo was cool. In fact, that’s his only means of transportation. He built Bettie 2.0 for us. Cappy likes Val too cause he has treats stashed in his oyster buckets.

We all learned last month that Val has cancer.

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