Park City Bike Demos: Fun with the Felt FRD

When you can pop the top off a bottle of microbrew and have it land on the desk of a rental operator in Park City, an outfit that specializes in the premium market really stands out. I know this because Park City Bike Demos set us up with rides when we escaped the wildfires in Washington State for a couples weekend at Deer Valley Resort.

The FRD with the resort in the background.

These guys know the terrain and what works best and custom spec’d a bike to maximize the fun and boy did we ever have a good time. Even, taking a run on the flow trail.

Pam with her Sweetwater shorts and top.

Skip the big jump one though, the suspension isn’t meant for that, but everything else is built up specifically for the style of riding the Wasatch mountains demand.

I’ll put it this way, here’s what an OCD bike builder does—they freakin’ heat seal a spare tube kit to minimize the space it takes up.

Heat sealed tube, tools, and C02 cartridge.

They also deliver and pick up the bikes with a mechanic who can adjust the suspension, swap pedals, and so on.

I asked John Shafer, a photographer, and marketer for Park City Bike Demos  about the FRD. He replied

Andre and I both love Felt mountain bikes. We think they really offer something different and deserve a lot more attention than they’ve been getting.

After a week of riding the Felts, they’ve certainly got my attention. Andre owns the company and is probably the most enthusiastic person I’ve met in the bike industry too, besides me.

The trail back to the resort.

At this time of year, Park City Bike Demos is refocusing on snow sports, but come spring and summer of next year, I’ll ping them again for another ride.

Learn more about the Virtue FRD from Felt. And, you can buy the exact spec I rode, rent it, or try in your local routes.

Here are the details…..

Conti Tires.
Thompson controls

Buy PCBD BUILD – $7999

Top-tier build with SRAM X01 Eagle™ 12-speed drivetrain, Reynolds Cycling carbon wheels ($2599 MSRP) and the UHC + Ultimate TeXtreme Virtue FRD or Decree FRD carbon frame ($4499 MSRP or $3999, respectfully). All other components are the same between the two builds.
Retail value: $12,000.

Park City Rental—$119 a Day

$119 per day to demo the FRD bike and you can apply up to $600 of the rental fees towards a purchase.

Demo Rental—$600 for 6 Days

Can’t make it to Park City but still want to try the PCBD FRD? They’ll mail you one for $600.00 for 6 days. If you love it like I expect you will, keep it and they’ll bill you the balance.

Back to that beer cap, my fav when in town is the Fröhlich Pils.

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