Paralympic Cyclist Meghan Fisher

As mentioned earlier in the Flax is Back post, I’m riding the road now after Cross. We met up with the Bikesale Women for a rainy ride on Sunday. During tempo, two-up pacelines around the lake, Meghan Fisher and I rotated next to each other. I noticed in the corner of my eye, the very high cadence she was pedaling. As we came to the front for a pull, she said, “ok with a short one today?” “Sure,” I said and we pulled together for a minute. I thought she was new to the team, probably a track racer, spinning a crazy cadence like that.


Just riding along and met Meghan, she’s a paralympic cyclist

A bit later at the rest stop, I noticed her prosthetic and we talked more. “Oh!,” I said, “that’s why you were spinning so high.” Yep. Meghan is a Paralympic Cyclist and on track to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. We didn’t see each other again on the ride, but I’m sure we’ll take a pull together soon. When we do, I’ll ask how her training is going.

meghan prosthetic

Her prosthetic has a rubber “sandal” between the cleat/shoe interface

I posted these photos to Facebook and G+. Fans and followers plus 1’d and liked Meghan’s photo. Tim Wonders posted this comment

Three years ago when I was beginning phase II of my life as a cyclist, I was on a coached tempo ride with about 30 riders. As I was getting dropped a Paralympic hopeful (who’s name, I think, was Scott…couldn’t guess at his last name), who lost his leg in a logging accident, dropped back, placed his hand on my back and pushed me back into the peloton. He pedaled using just one leg. To this day when I need inspiration about anything, I think of that guy. He’s just a badass on all levels.

Cyclists get inspired in many different ways. Maybe by reading Fatty’s book, meeting a world-class athlete like Meghan on a ride, or deciding one morning to climb an epic climb.

For me this year, it was in Cross and racing with the elites, pros. In two decades of the racing/riding my bike, I’ve never gone that hard or suffered more. Cause truth comes from suffering. It’s where you learn about yourself, your bros, and what you can do.

From hard work and pushing herself, my new friend Meghan knows what she can do and that’s medal at the Para Worlds and the Paralympics.

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