Outlier Clothing

We had a quick fashion show with the guys from Outlier yesterday. What they showed us is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve wanted someone to produce: street clothes that are comfortable in the saddle and utilitarian but don’t shout “I rode my bike today!!”

Their cuts are traditional in durable fabrics and super-supple merino wool with well-thought-out features to make them comfortable on a bike.

A few favorites:

Outlier: Merino TStraight-ahead slim cut t-shirt in 17.5 micron merino. No weird “sporty” gussets or flat stitching and no scratchiness.

Outlier: Merino HoodyMerino wool hoody. Hood is large enough to go over a helmet.

Outlier: PantsWorkwear pants in a tough, stretchy cordura nylon, fit like a pair of straight leg jeans.

We’ve got more photos on our Flickr Interbike set.

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