Our New Velocity Collection

Sublimated logo

While working on this copy for our new Velocity collection

Deep into the race scene we went, lurking around the showers at Paris-Roubiax to capture the essence of Pro; a drop of embro’d Euro sweat was condensed in a lab and ultimately spun into our new fabrics. This kit will make you fast, sure, but being PRO is what it’s about.

a colleague who had just seen the jersey said, “now that’s a commitment to green!” And it is! This new kit from us is a commitment to the brand and what we do here. Our unabashed enthusiasm for the bike drives us to make the best gear we can and share it with you.

Full zip with racer fit

In our 5th year, this is our 3rd design, and we chose Hincapie’s Velocity technical material. The bike-forward design is highly-visible, but subdued with matching socks, caps, and bottles.

Thin ripstop nylon fit under a helmet and doesn’t fall apart in the wash

The specs are impressive and so is the comfort. This gear is meant for the all-day ride, personal-best commute, fondo, or race. I asked Scott Benish, the designer, to describe it and he said, “what? More than, bad ass?” I guess not, no.

All-day ride socks

So it’s Hugga green with our logo, bad ass, and available now from Amazon.com. Back to being PRO, that catalog copy I was working on was a bit over-the-top, but I always say when riding or racing hard, “it’s better to look good than feel good.” This kit looks good.

I took it on a ride this week…

Out for a ride

Purist bottle


See all the gear lightboxed on G+ and Flickr. It was created and designed in Seattle, WA, near Alki Beach.


The jerseys are racer fit. See the size guide here. Caps are one size fits all and the socks come in a variety of sizes.

Pricing is

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