Various shots from Austin.

After reviewing ONE Gore-Tex Active Bike Jacket, that’s the rain jacket without a face fabric, I just received the Pro. And, it’s for the most extreme conditions with a durable face fabric. The difference between the two jackets is a bit confusing. Here’s what you need to know…Gore-Tex Active Shell is the most breathable iteration of Gore-Tex ever produced, and is perfectly suited to keeping cyclists dry and comfortable on days when you’re putting out a proper effort on the bike, and your priorities in selecting a garment are all about moisture management:  keeping rain out, and moving sweat away from your skin and out through the jacket as quickly as possible. Gore’s cycling product wasn’t always this good, as I’ve shared in posts over the years.


Now, the ultimate expression of Gore’s technology is the ONE Active Bike Jacket, which forgoes the traditional DWR-coated nylon face fabric for maximum breathability and light weight, while still delivering 100% waterproofness. As I learned and shared, it totally works. Gore calls the membrane tech Shakedry and describes it as a, “Revolutionary membrane construction eliminates face fabric preventing a chilling effect associated with the face fabric wetting out and allowing you to quickly shake the surface dry.” That means the water beads instead of collecting and soaking the face fabric.

Various shots from Austin.

With the ONE Gore-Tex Pro jacket, there are a few differences—in the context of all waterproof cycling jackets on the market, it is still ridiculously breathable, but the emphasis in its design is durability and safety in more extreme conditions. A complaint about the ONE Active Shell is it’s fragile without a face fabric; you’d not want to ride in the bush with it.

For the Pro version, think mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and ice climbing. In a cycling context, I expect it’ll make a damn fine choice for cold, wet mountain bike or fat bike rides in the Methow Valley. Where it will really shine is when circumstances and conditions start to shift from those in which you’re looking to merely keep comfortable, to those in which you concerned about survival. It’s the jacket you want with you if your bike packing in winter conditions. It’s the jacket you want with you if there’s a chance you’ll get caught out in a big storm at high elevation. And it’s the jacket you want to be wearing if there’s a chance that you’ll end up unexpectedly overnighting trailside with fatbikes instead of making it back to camp.

Various shots from Austin.

But is the Pro great for riding? Sure, on the colder days. If the more extreme adventure is your thing during the winter, I expect the Pro will become the best jacket Gore-Tex has ever made. It costs $500.00 compared to $299.00 for the Active version.

It’s still a record-breaking 60 degrees in Seattle, so it’ll be a while before a full, extreme weather test.

But I’m ready when the weather changes with the Active and Pro Jackets. Rapha too.


  • 2 front zip pockets
  • GORE-TEX® Pro Product: maximum durability, waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable
  • Fold-away drop tail
  • Reflective band along edge of shield
  • Reflective print on sleeves
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Adjustable hood (width and field of vision)
  • 2 side zip ventilation openings
  • Fleece-lined, close fit high collar
  • Abrasive resistant fabric on outside
  • Reflective logo
  • Napoleon pocket with zipper
  • 2 front zipper pockets
  • Reflective band along edge of shield
  • Reflective print on sleeves
  • MSRP $500.

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