On Instagram, The New Dura-Ace Group?


Update: MUCYC has taken the photo down, since it was already released on the Internets, reposted it here.

According to the Internets, a University of Melbourne student ignores a no photos card and takes the picture of what appears to be the new Shimano Groupset, which without confirmation we can guess was taken at the Taipei Bike Show. For further analysis, I texted Mark V who awoke from a dream about robot factories, manga, and ramen to reply

Photos suggest similar crank design to DA9000. Rear derailleur may perhaps be a direct mount, like some of their MTB designs. The rear hub is obviously a thru-axle, so the direct mount style, which uses a more robust hanger that frame manufacturers often integrate into the thru-axle’s threaded receiver, making the hanger more robust and anchoring it to the hub via the thru-axle.

Rumor has it that Shimano will introduce 3 gruppos branded as “Dura Ace”, involving mechanical shifting, Di2, and disc brakes (or some combination thereof). These photos clearly show discs and Di2 derailleurs. I count 11 cogs on the back, and as a quick guess I would say that the largest cog is around 28teeth. The long cage on derailleur looks like it could handle 32teeth or bigger though.

The disc rotors, if they are Dura Ace items, seem odd because they don’t obviously show the large, aluminium cooling fins that Shimano pioneered on their premium ICE-tech rotors.

Indeed. Not knowing if this is from the Shimano booth either, could be a hack too? Regardless, thru-axle disc from Shimano…bring it.

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