Obliteride signs are showing up in Seattle

That a charity ride is so focused on the experience and not a personality, wrist-band meme, or anything but donating the money to fight cancer is what impressed me about Obliteride. I’m riding with the event as media and a guest on routes in the Seattle area. And being an event is what it’s about. Obliteride will feature gourmet food, beer, live music, and is focused as much on the experience as the charity.

Obliteride is different because it’s sourced locally. It’s organized by cyclists in the Pacific Northwest and benefits the Hutch, a cancer research center based here in Seattle. Similar to the Stinky Spoke, another outstanding community event I rode this Winter.

Props too for the name some bros would come up with for an epic ride, against the odds, to talk about for years. Like the work the Hutch does. They want to obliterate cancer and this ride is the first fundraiser of its kind.

Learn more about the Obliteride and ride with me August 9-11, 2013. I’m signed up for 2 days and you can chose from 4 different routes.

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