NY Times Discovers Bikes In Portland

nytimesportland.pngThe New York Times, which is known for picking up on trends mere weeks, months or years after they’ve actually become trends (witness this recent piece in the Fashion section on how people are making money on iPhone software), has recently discovered that people like to ride bikes in Portland.

Aside from the fact that it’s in no way secret or news that Portland is a great biking area, the article is chock full of tips, like this:

“There is an amazing selection of restaurants and brewpubs like the Lucky Lab and the Bridgeport Brewery, but my favorite thing to do is hit Powell’s Books,” said Mr. Rogers, the shoe designer. “Every trip I spend a few hours there, not only to check out books but to check in with the world.”

Seems there’s not only bikes in Portland but beer and some new-fangled bookstore named Powell’s. Thanks NY Times!

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