Noticed this Week: Women, LaHood, Racing

The topic of the week was women and cycling …


Props to Lahood

Ray Lahood was honored in DC for his bike awesomeness. Note the faces in the crowd. Do the cyclist you ride with look like that?

And it rained

Can’t Stand the Rain (today)

Bike Racing

Landisgate reverbates in the community and everyone we’re talking too is exhausted by the corruption in the sport. We adore Basso cause he’s the handsome former-doper, but Vino’s got Cold War Eyes so we hate him. We covered local racing in response:

We love the sport itself and when Landis was first accused I wrote, “I don’t believe anything about professional cycling anymore. I just believe in the bike,” and enjoy how the sport is thriving at the local level.

And the cyclists that commute everyday, rode to work without corporations handing them branded-trinkets and treats.

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