Noticed this Week: Flat packs, Facebook, Volcanoes, Liz Hatch Cover Girl

Flat Pack Cardboard


Whenever a package arrives looking like this, we get panicked about damage. Especially when it’s a bike.

Do Not Like Facebook


Sorry, our future of the web is not owned by Facebook.

Escape from the Jet Age

volcano_bike.jpg Seth Stevenson argues in the NY Times that Icelandic Volcanoes are a good thing because they remind us of the pleases of traveling by land or sea. The travelers stuck in airports, I’m sure disagree, but Seth’s point relates to why we tour and ride. I fly to my destinations and ride from there and certainly see more of the world.

In this Getty photo, a German businessman bought a bicycle to make a journey on a cross channel ferry as space for foot passengers.

Photo: Getty via Daylife.


Speaking of travel, the Mountain Bike Hotel and Bike Cop were popular this week. We’ve been working on the unWired Future of Bikes most of the week and the Maxwell Hotel Bike Program.

We wished a prototype bike left on a barstool in SoCal pub would get some buzz like a phone, and Pam started training with the iPad.

Cover Girl

While we finished this post, noticed that Liz Hatch was on the cover of Nina Magazine.


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