Northwave Winter Boots in the Rain

These winter boots from Northwave are so stylish, I wanna wear them out, around town, on a date. It seems Northwave read or heard about my bootie-boots solution for riding in the rain, and considering the El Niño conditions here in Seattle, sent the Extreme Winter GTX. The main feature of the Winter GTX is

All the benefits of a shoecover, none of the weakness of a shoecover.

shoes without booties

No shoe cover required? Hmmm

Sounds good and the weather is cooperating with the proper test conditions. I’ll write more about the Northwaves and the Gore One in the next issue of our magazine. 32 drops next week.

Also see Mark V’s review of their Arctic boot with the

Well, if not glorious, then at least comfortable. Northwave has long offered competent winter cycling shoes, perhaps because the Italian company also has a successful line of snowboard products including boots. Of course, in the cycling world Northwave first made its reputation with completely over-the-top print ads featuring the stars of professional cycling in outlandish vignettes, like Mario Cipollini dressed as a musketeer and holding a naked blonde. Though I have known all that for years, I have never before owned Northwave shoes until now.

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