Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

We noticed the Nokia Bike Dashboard last year and it was in David’s presentation at the (un)Wired Future of Bicycles. Today Nokia announced a charger aimed at developing countries with limited access to electricity. They’re hoping the idea could catch on in Europe where cycling for work, shopping and errands is a common lifestyle. Or in the US!

“To begin charging, a cyclist needs to travel around six kilometers per hour (four miles per hour), and while charging times will vary depending on battery model, a 10-minute journey at 10 kilometers per hour (six miles per hour) produces around 28 minutes of talk time or 37 hours of standby time. The faster you ride, the more battery life you generate.


Photo: Nokia

The kit comes with two small brackets, in addition to the charger and generator. One bracket attaches to the bicycle’s handlebars to secure the charger and a cell phone holder. The other secures the small electric generator to the bike’s fork.


Photo: Nokia

If Nokia makes that small enough, it could slip inside a top tube to recharge batteries for secret bike motors and to further the Cancellara Conspiracy

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